The thing from which all shiny things come…

Sometimes you see something, and you just have to have it in your life, no matter what. That’s how I felt when I spotted the swatches for the new Color Club Holos; I just couldn’t resist picking up the black version. Unfortunately, Color Club is a US brand which hasn’t made it across the pond yet, so my only option was to pick it up off eBay. Luckily, my paypal account was stacked with spoils, so I didn’t have to sit and weep my lament down the intertubes. It is mine!

Natural light.

Natural light.

Artificial light.

Artificial light.

This is Beyond by Color Club. It cost me a whopping £13.59 including shipping from eBay for a 15ml bottle, but oh so worth it. The polish is dense and smooth, and I got full coverage in just one coat! It looks best under bright light but even under the dull rain clouds of this morning it it still beautiful, and I can’t stop staring at it!

Holo polishes are a hot ticket at the moment, so I’m glad to have a little piece of it all to myself, though obviously it’s a steep price to pay. However, I also have some more sensibly priced holos (a blue, a green and a purple) on the way from Born Pretty, which worked out to just under a fiver each. Alas, they are only 6ml bottles, which means I’ll have to ration them carefully.

I already have a couple of new polishes to try sitting on my desk, but my next post may take a few extra days, as I’m keen to see how long this polish lasts.


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