Collector’s Bane

Here’s a thing that miffs me. Being in the UK, it can be hard enough to get hold of all the polishes I want without paying extortionate shipping for them, but even worse is discovering something you just have to own, and then finding out it’s been discontinued! My current obsession is Peacock Feathers by Nubar, a purple/green duochrome which is just to die for. My heart sank when I could only find one finished auction for it that ended at more than £60. I doubt I’ll ever see it in my lifetime, but I suppose it’s fun to dream!

673Of course sometimes, you can stumble over a beaut without even trying, and that’s where today’s gem comes from. This is Maybelline MNY ‘673’. It’s a dense black jelly with silver flakies suspended in it, and best of all, I found it in a Poundland where predictably it cost me just a pound! It’s a sweet little polish; two coats for full coverage and the flakes are subtle but gorgeous. It’s a bit lumpy in places, though nothing a coat of Seche Vite couldn’t fix. MNY is hard to find in UK stores, but this shade and others in the range are still quite easy to find on eBay for very reasonable prices.

(PS. Yes, that’s one of my geriatric furballs in the background of the pic. She was eating a dandelion at the time.)


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