On the road again.

Sure enough, I managed to butcher my dotticure by doing too much washing up, and then made a failed attempt at a lime green glitter effect, and then another failed attempt at a blue/grey half moon mani, and then a further failure at a blue flaky thing. Today was not a good day for my poor nails. I’d have left them bare for a change, but tonight I was off see Behind The Candelabra with my ladies, and I couldn’t go without a little glam!

wagontrailEventually though, I settled on what you see to the left, which is Wagon Trail by China Glaze (£4.59/eBay). It’s a warm black with a gold shimmer to it, and it’s divine! It even has a tiny hint of green in it. I used two coats for full coverage, and I have to say, China Glaze is fast becoming my very favourite brand due to the range of colours and the consistency and quality of the polish formula. Guess I’ll have to get some more then. Ahem.

I’m hoping to try out some slightly more summery shades soon, now that we’re getting the weather for it. Watch this space!



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