Getting warmer.

blue2A short but sweet one today. Just wanted to share this gorgeous shade, which is Rimmel’s Out Of The Blue (£3.69/Boots). I am very disappointed with my camera for not fully capturing this lovely deep opaque teal, but I can assure you, it’s really beautiful!

Hope it’s sunny where you are. Enjoy the weekend!

Edit: The unfortunate postscript to this is that I have literally never come across a polish that stained my nails and fingers so horribly on removal, which means I won’t be using it again as a main colour. Sadface.


2 thoughts on “Getting warmer.

  1. That’s a really lovely colour, and I would have immediately bought it if not for the stainage. Rimmel seem bad for this 😦 I have the 60 seconds Rapid Ruby and it’s amazing and I love it – can get away with it being a one coater, and it’s a beautiful red colour, exactly what I want my toes to look like most of the time. But the damn stuff stains my fingers like hell. Plus the really weird thing where it rubs off like it’s a crayon, so you’ll find you’ve been tapping away at a pad of paper and suddenly there are red marks all over it. Had a worrying experience with a pair of nude stockings too. Solution: topcoat, which does also make it shinier, but it doesn’t help with the finger staining!

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