In spite of all the rain

rainforestEverything is grey and horrible in the UK at the moment, punctuated by blazing sun and killer humidity. So doing my nails has been a bit more complicated than previously. I need to start keeping my stash in a cooler place, I think.

Anyway, I decided to go green today, so this is Rainforest Canopy by Maybelline Color Show Limited Edition Polka Dots (£2.99/Boots or Superdrug) layered over No7’s So Neat (£6/exclusive to Boots). It’s a lovely look, with 2 coats of So Neat and one of Rainforest Canopy, but I didn’t like how the glitter went on, and it started to chip and flake really quickly which was disappointing. I still have the pink version (called Speckled Pink) of the Polka Dots collection to try out, but I already used the blue (Shooting Stars) and I love love love it!



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