Mean Green Polish Machine.

bpholo2I am having a miserable week, but I am soldiering on, and managed to cheer myself a little by trying out the first of my new holos. This is #12, which is currently priced at $6.44 (approx. £4.22) from Born Pretty Store. The formula is quite thin, and needed 3 coats for full coverage, but as you can see, the rainbow is very visible, and shines beautifully. I’m rather fond of it, though I will have to ration it very carefully as it’s only a 6ml bottle, and it took some weeks to arrive. Ho hum.

Hopefully, I will be in a more pleasant mood in time for my next post, and I hope you lot are having a better week than me! Who wants to do some “misery loves company” nail art to amuse me?


One thought on “Mean Green Polish Machine.

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