Good news…

cutiepieOK, I’m back on the swatch wagon. My nails are still stubby and my fingers are a mess, but I don’t care, because it was my birthday party yesterday, and I couldn’t go without something on my nails. I feel naked without my mani! There will be a big post about my birthday shortly following this one, but first, this is what I wore for my party, HITS Mari Moon Cutie Pie (around £8.50 including shipping/ This stunning multichrome has got at least 5 different colours in it, most obvious are the purple and turquoise, but I also see gold, blue and pink in it under certain light. It’s quite thin, but 3 coats gave nice coverage, and it’s holding pretty well, so the formula is good quality. I will definitely be wearing this beaut again when my nails are longer.

Watch this space for my epic birthday haul post, coming right up!


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