A little adventure

Artificial light.

Artificial light.

Natural light.

Natural light.

So, I’m at my mum’s for a few days, catching up on a little R&R while my son hits people with foam swords in a field. Each to their own. She’s been an absolute doll, and gave me a £10 eBay voucher she wasn’t using, which meant I could finally splurge on a basic Konad stamping kit and a few interesting looking plates to play with. I’m so excited, I’ve been drooling over stampers for ages!

Of course, I couldn’t even think about going away from home without doing my nails, so here is the second of my birthday polishes, Unpredictable by China Glaze. In the bottle, this appears as quite a strong blue/green duochrome, but on the nail, the blue is very pale and hard to capture; instead there is a definite gold shimmer to it under normal lighting. No matter, it is beautiful either way! This is two coats, but I think it could have used a third, as you can see a lot of brushstrokes.


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