All my favourite colours

portfolioRegular readers will have figured out by now that my favourite colours are green and blue (followed closely by purple), so here’s a post that encompasses all three!

When I first saw swatches of this polish online, I knew I had to have it in my life at whatever cost, and it definitely does not disappoint. Color Club Port-folio (roughly £7 including shipping/ is a purple/green duochrome with an incredibly strong shift, and I think I might be in love with it. It needed 3ish coats, would’ve only been 2 if I’d been patient with it, but the formula is solid and feels very hardwearing, and the colour just blows me away every time I look at it. I wish it was cheaper to get Color Club in the UK, because they have an amazing range of shades, and from what I’ve tried, they are great quality for the RRP.

I’ve swatched it here against my hair, which is also a bizarre mess of different colours at the moment; many different shades of blue and purple. Even though I think it looks like it needs to be redyed, everyone else seems to love it the way it is, so I guess I’ll save myself the effort and keep it like this!


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