A little for what ails you

Bleargh, I am sick. Have been struck down with a horrible throat infection that is sapping all my energy. I almost didn’t get around to posting today, but as I’d already taken the pictures before I was assailed with germs, I figured it would be an easy one.

To make it even easier, what follows is more of my birthday haul. This is A England Lady of Shallott, a dense navy blue shimmer in a blackened base. As with all A England polishes, the formula is perfect; smooth and incredibly easy to use, and what’s shown here is 2 coats with no top coat.


I’ve paired it up below with one coat of Nabi Purple Jumbo Glitter, which as you can clearly see is more like a holo or a multichrome glitter than just purple, even though it looks very purple in the bottle. I love this glitter, the colour shift is so clear and strong, I’ve been sitting around just wiggling my fingers, admiring all the pink, orange, yellow, green and even blue shifts. I expect the colour changes a bit based on what you wear underneath it, so I’ll play with some different shades at a later stage. The formula is pretty great too, you get a lot of glitter in one coat, and I didn’t have to dab it to get extra flakes on at all, which is a welcome change.


The only bad thing I have to say about this glitter is that OHMYGOD does it ever stink! Honestly, it’s by far and away the worst smelling polish I’ve ever used, it was like jet fuel, cat turd and vinegar had a really nasty smelling baby. Ergh. Won’t stop me using it though, cause it’s just so damn pretty!

Anyway, send me some get well vibes, and maybe I’ll even get around to building my lightbox soon. Fingers crossed!


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