My ever changing mood…

Gosh, what a week. I’ve had to do a lot of major housework recently, and somehow have managed not to ruin my nails, so without further ado, it’s time to show off my first review polish from Born Pretty Store, Ylin Color Changing Nail Polish Purple to Blue.

First off, the formula is weird. It looks mottled in the bottle and doesn’t mix no matter how hard and long you shake it, but when you put it on, it goes a solid dark lavender hue. It’s quite thick but prone to bald spots, so I used three coats to build full coverage, and it takes a very long time to dry. I confess, I was a bit too hasty, hence the lumpy look in the photos. When it does dry, it has quite a satin matte finish, which was an unexpected surprise. I put a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat on one hand to speed up the drying, but it went a little iffy and didn’t seem to affect the lack of gloss, so I left it off the other hand. I’ve taken a couple of shots to show the different stages of the colour change – it was cold in my house today, so I had to use a bowl of warm water to show the shift. The colour changes from purple at below 33 degrees celsius to sky blue above.

Cool, with top coat.

Cool, with top coat.

Warm, without top coat.

Warm, without top coat.

In between, with top coat.

In between, with top coat.

I can see how this polish would be a lot of fun on a warm day or in a hot club or something! It’s cute watching the colour change as you look at it, though in this weather, it ends up purple most of the time, so I’ll try it again on a better day. The formula is very strange but as long as you’re patient with it, and don’t try to rush to get all your coats on, and give it PLENTY of time to dry, it’s fine. And I love the colours too!

It comes in plenty of other colours if purple/blue isn’t your thing, all available at Born Pretty Store for $7.84 (around £5) with free shipping, and if you use the code NERW10 at the checkout, you’ll get 10% off your whole order. Bonus!


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