Now, I’m not really a fan of textured polishes, for various reasons. However, I loved the colour of this shade in the bottle so much that I decided to take a chance. This is Model’s Own Absinthe (£5/Boots) from the Velvet Goth Collection, which itself claims to be a matte, glittery 2D finish. It contains large green hex and micro glitters in a dark green base.

With flash, no top coat.

With flash, no top coat.

Natural light, with top coat.

Natural light, with top coat.

I appreciate what they were trying to do here, but I found the finish too textured for my liking without a top coat, so I covered it with Seche Vite Dry Fast, which made it just smooth enough for me, but didn’t completely ruin the matte effect. This is a gorgeous colour, and I did enjoy the multi-faceted glitter look, but as with a lot of textured polishes, it didn’t stand up to long term wear and my tips were worn and chipping after less than 24 hours.

I may eventually pick up the other shades from this range; there’s a black, a red, a blue, and a purple, and me being a bit of an aged goth myself, I appreciate the name and direction of the collection, but I think I will hold off until my dislike of textured polish wanes a little.


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