Triple Trouble

It’s a bumper threefer day today; I’ve been on a spree trying to swatch the last of my birthday haul, and the remaining greens just seemed to gel nicely together, so here you go. First up is Butter London Thames, a delicious bottle green shimmer with just a hint of blue undertone. The formula is quite thin and required 3 coats, though it was smooth and even. It’s subtle, but I really like it.


And now, the double whammy! Below is 2 coats of Nubar Reclaim, a moss green holo, and on my thumb and ring finger is a single coat Nubar Teal Glitter layered over. The holo isn’t quite as strong as some I’ve tried, but the effect is quite lovely and the glitter is really dense and shiny! I really like this mani, though it’s definitely more summer colours, and as the weather is turning, it’ll soon be time to start breaking out the fall/winter shades.

With flash.

With flash.



This is almost the last of my birthday polishes, just one more to go!

In other news, back in August, I bought a box of 7 Color Club polishes in TKMaxx in Oxford. Unfortunately, the boxed sets in TKMaxx often get muddled up, so it’s not a complete set. Add to the the fact that the discounted sets usually don’t have the colour names on the bottles, and I basically had a jumble of unidentified polishes on my hands! However, after 6 weeks of madly pawing through swatches of old Color Club collections, I now believe I have successfully identified all of them; they turned out to be a mix of the Back To Boho Fall 2012 set and the Alter Ego Spring 2011 set. Both collections are gorgeous, so I’ll be swatching what I’ve got very soon. Somehow it looks as though I got the best of both collections, and considering the whole box only cost me £7.99, I am feeling pretty damn pleased with myself!


Nice, huh? Can’t wait to see them on my nails!


One thought on “Triple Trouble

  1. Ahhh, love the green holo/glitter birthday combo! Both polishes gorgeous by themselves, and even better together 🙂 And nice work on the Color Club bargain!

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