Blue’s Twos

Whoops! Have gotten a bit behind in the ol’ blogging. Been a bit busy with one thing or another, so there’s still a huge backlog. My nails are almost long enough to need cutting back for a while, but damn, even though they’re sharp and it’s a pain to type, I do love them to bits when they’re long!

Anyway, here we have two coats of Color Club Masquerading (£7.99 for 7/TMaxx), a metallic steel blue, underneath a single layer of Barielle Jillian’s Jammin’ (£9.99 for 5/TKMaxx), a sheer turquoise/violet duochrome shimmer. The shift is really hard to capture, but it’s definitely there, and very cute.



Natural light.

Natural light.

I think you can just about see the violet tone in the second picture. The good hours for natural light are fading now, so I really have to get my lightbox set up soon, otherwise I’ll never get any good photos taken!


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