Take my wife. Please!

Now now, before you get any ideas. She’s not actually my wife, but she’s my very best friend and partner in minor infractions, so we do tend to spend a lot of time doing our nails together.

Anyway, she has a bit of a thing for nail wraps, which I sadly don’t get on with because my nail beds are so insanely deep. So when I’m out and about, I tend to pick up cheap wraps whenever I see them for her to play with. Recently, I’ve picked things up in Poundland, TKMaxx, Poundworld, Primark, New Look and Boots, but she decided to go for a set from New Look, that I picked up in their sale for £1.50.

Unfortunately, these are not particularly good wraps. This happens a lot when you buy cheap, but it’s worth a try as some of the cheap ones are really brilliant and the expensive ones are really fucking expensive. Anyway, they didn’t stick well, or wrap well, so the lovely wife pulled one of them off – and left an excellent jagged-edged cartoon graffiti style tip on her nail. She made the best of a bad situation, carefully ripped a few more and then filled in the other tips straight, using ORLY In The Navy (£3.99/TKMaxx); a simple, yet beautiful navy blue shimmer. The result is a really cute off-beat French manicure.


I think it’s adorable, and it just goes to show that sometimes the very best manicures are completely accidental!


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