Let me be your fantasy

Been looking forward to this post for a while. A few days ago, I replaced my bottle of Max Factor Fantasy Fire (£3.99/Boots). I’d owned it before, but passed it on because I was still a neophyte in the nail polish world, and I easily gave up on polishes that still weren’t opaque in 4 coats. However, it is basically the internet’s favourite polish, so I thought I’d give it another go.

I started with 2 coats of ORLY In The Navy, and then put two coats of Fantasy Fire over the top, and sealed it with Seche Vite. I sometimes have trouble replicating other people’s amazing swatches, but I was blown away. Yes, it’s very sheer, but with a dark base, it comes alive! The duochrome is very strong, and I had great fun wiggling my fingers to see all the shimmery green to pink to purple to orange micro-glitter. Like a lot of the best duochromes and multichromes, full flash tends to wash it out, but in sunlight and natural lighting, it’s glorious.



Natural light.

Natural light.

Then out of curiousity, I popped a coat of Boots No7 Matte Top Coat (£7/exclusive to Boots) over it, which I’d picked up on a whim because I had No7 coupons and I’m still trying to find the best matte for me. Folks, I think this is it! It’s a really strong matte, definitely closer to the chalkboard end of the spectrum than the satin end, but it goes on really smoothly and has a lovely feel to it when it’s dry. It’s not at all rough like some mattes can be. And you could still see Fantasy Fire‘s amazing colour shift underneath it!

Mattified, flash.

Mattified, flash.

Mattified, sunlight.

Mattified, sunlight.

It’s so delicious that I feel kinda silly for getting rid of my first bottle, but I hope the recipient sees this and has a good go with it herself. I’m going to have a lot of fun playing around with different base colours. And I’m so happy that I’ve finally found a matte top coat that I really like, it’s been a long arduous search!

In other news, I am soon to receive my first indie polishes. I know I said that I wouldn’t be showing indie brands on this blog, but I think I’ll have to, if they are anything like as stunning as I’m hoping they’ll be. I’m really excited, and they’re a lovely reward after spending most of the last 3 months only buying discounted polishes.


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