Long time, no swatch.

Oops. Life’s been pretty busy lately, and my job is getting more interesting by the day, so I’ve not had a lot of time for doing my nails, and really they’re much too short for me to really enjoy them at the moment. However, it’s been such a long drag since I last posted, that I thought I should go digging around in my photo archives and find a swatch I haven’t posted yet, so here it is.

Another polish in my series of “This Shit Looks A Lot Better Over Black” polishes, I dug out Model’s Own Purple Blue (£5/Boots) from the Beetlejuice Collection. I’d been told this was a decent facsimile for ORLY Galaxy Girl from the Cosmic FX Collection, which I should note, has been an absolute bitch to track down in the UK, so better a dupe than a hole in my collection!



Rather unsurprisingly, it’s a purple/blue duochrome shimmer, shown here is 2 coats over Revlon Blackout. As you can see, it’s not really anything special under direct artificial light, but it comes alive in natural light!



Indirect sunlight.

Indirect sunlight.

The second shot shows how beautiful the colour shift is. I nearly binned this polish because it was so thin, but I’m slowly learning that some things just have to be worn with undies, especially duochromes and multichromes.

I should be back next week with some fresh swatches. My Lent promise to not buy any new polish is holding up very well. I have been tempted once or twice, but I have yet to succumb. I can’t wait to have a big blowout after Easter though! Any recommendations?


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