It’s good to be home

Gosh, the weather’s all lovely at the moment, isn’t it? My nails are looking great, so here’s a twofer, to make up for my attendance problems recently!

First up, just the one shot of Revlon Midnight Sparkle, a dense midnight blue jelly with 2 sizes of silver hex glitters suspended in it, that needed 3 thin coats for opacity. It’s a lot like Revlon Ritzy, which is a black base, but for some reason the blue looks much better. This is another wonderful Poundland find; I seem to get most of my collection from there these days! I’m really looking forward to having a massive blowout in there when Easter finally comes and I can start buying polish again.

Natural light.

Natural light.

And part 2 is Nails Inc Old Bond Street (£4.99/TKMaxx), a singularly unique shade, which is a mid grey creme with a bright pink shimmer! Again, this needed 3 thin coats, but dried evenly with no shrinkage and only a few visible brushstrokes. This is one of a very few polishes I own that looks marvellous in the bottle and on the nail. It’s actually quite a subtle shimmer, but it has the delicious effect of being classy with a naughty edge, like wearing a lacy black bra under a crisp white blouse…

Gosh, came over a bit unnecessary there. Let’s move on to the pictures.



Direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight.

As you can see, it looks equally fabulous under both artificial and natural lighting. In some light, you can almost see a dark moss green tone, which is just so pretty. Nails Inc have a rep for creating unique shades, and this is certainly one of the best I’ve seen!



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