Time to play!

smokeashesFirstly, let me apologise sincerely for the state of my cuticles in this pic. I spent most of yesterday arguing with a flat pack futon and my hands are now ragged and raw, but since I didn’t break a single nail in the process (win!), I figured it was manicure time.

Tonight is my podcast’s Rocky Horror Picture Show anniversary special, so I was going to go for something suitably themed, but I just couldn’t think of anything that I would be able to do with my stupid shaky hands, so I went with this instead. This is Smoke & Ashes from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection (around £4.60/eBay seller: salonsupplystore) a black base littered with tiny green and gold flakies, and Accessorize’s Ultra Marine Green (£3.45/Superdrug), a pale green with gold shimmer from the Oil Slick range on the feature nail. I’ve also decorated it with some round silver studs which were also an eBay grab, though I can’t remember how much I paid for them. I love this look, but now I have to find something to wear with it, argh!

Hope you’re all gearing up for an ace weekend, see you on the flipside.


Party time!

Here’DSC_1167s the 3rd and last part of last week’s Superdrug haul, and probably my favourite of the bunch: White Gold by Accessorize (£3.45). It’s a silver shimmer with tiny gold flakes, and wow, does it ever sparkle! Surprisingly, it only needed 2 coats, though in this picture there are 3, because in my haste to get it on, I made a few mistakes (happens more often than I’d like to admit). The image really doesn’t do it justice, it shines so beautifully, and is definitely the perfect shade for a night in a Gin bar celebrating my BFF’s birthday, which is what I’m doing tonight!

Coming soon: my first polishes from Born Pretty. Can’t wait!

Let’s start with an easy one.

Good evening, and welcome to Nearly Nails! If you’re curious about who I am and what this blog is about, please click the “Who Is Nearly Nails?” link at the top of the page. If you have any comments, critisisms or suggestions for features, please feel free to get in touch in the comments section of each post. Thanks for watching, and let’s get on with the show, shall we?


Today’s nails are Aztec, by Accessorize. This polish is a delightful glittery purple/green duochrome. It’s a wonderful shade, and the colour flip is really obvious even in low light, though the polish itself is rather thin and sheer. I needed 4 coats to build full coverage, having said that, I think it would look great as a single coat over a black or dark purple opaque. This polish is available for £3.45 at UK Superdrug (in store or online), where there is currently a deal offering 3 for 2 on all cosmetics!

I’d like to say this will be both the first and last time I will ever upload a picture from my lousy phonecam, but please be patient. I’ll be pulling some updates from my archives and there may be some lousy photography in the future.

Anyway, thanks for checking me out, hope to see you back again!