Don’t walk; RUN!

Well, I’m almost back from my hiatus, though I’m still not doing anything interesting with my nails as it’s still too hot and they are still too stubby and I am still a bit weepy and useless. Boo!

However, today I bring you my latest bargain haul, courtesy of my local Poundland. I got a tipoff a few days ago (thanks D!) that they had some OPI Shatter polishes in stock, so I popped down today, and boy, did I get lucky…

L to R: Sally Hansen Virtual Violet and Plum Power, OPI Shatter Black, Gold and Shatter The Scales.

L to R: Sally Hansen Virtual Violet and Plum Power, OPI Shatter in Black, Gold and Shatter The Scales.

Yes, these are full, brand new bottles of Sally Hansen and OPI for just a pound each; these polishes normally retail for up to £8 a go. So if you’re in the UK, get your butt down to your nearest Poundland and see if you can grab yourself some bargain beauties! Add these to the bottle of Jack The Lad by Butter London I picked up from my local TKMaxx for £4 the other day, and it has been quite the week for fantastic finds. Phew, it almost makes me feel better about the weather and all the drama round here lately… well, almost.

I hope to be back with some new swatches within the next week or so. Take it easy!


It’s Twofer Tuesday!

No, this won’t be a running theme, I don’t think, but it’s been a hectic few days what with a seriously busy weekend and one of my aging moggies needing a visit to the vet for suspected lungworm. Anyway, things seem to have calmed down a bit now, so here’s what I’ve been doing with my nails. Apologies for the useless pics, my phonecam is not playing nice with me at the moment.

chunkyholoblackOn the left, we have Kleancolor’s Chunky Holo Black (around £5/eBay), over TurquoiseMaybelline Purple Trend (£2.60/eBay seller: Cosmetics-Fairy), neither of which excited me very much, but the coverage was solid for both (one coat each), so it’s just personal taste on the colour.

And on the right, inspired by the dichroic glass of my favourite pendant, Nicole by OPI’s Turquoise Texture (£7.99/Superdrug) over Maybelline MNY 665 (£1.99/eBay seller: xtrasdiscountstore). Now this is a look I love, two coats of a cool navy blue, with the gorgeous crackle of the Turquoise (which looks much bluer than it is unfortunately). Annoyingly, the tips started to wear really fast, though I haven’t exactly looked after my hands today. Too busy looking after a poorly cat to worry about my nails too much!

With any luck, life will stop kicking my arse for a bit soon, which will give me far more time to play dress up with my fingers.