The New Black

allnightlong1I’m back, baby! My nails are still a lot shorter than I like them, but they are in much betterallnightlong2 condition, and I’m really hoping they’ve stopped splitting for now. I have so much polish to try out, but I thought I’d start with a simple one, so this is Eye Candy All Night Long, which is not only my new favourite black, but is also on sale in larger Sainsburys stores for just £3 at the moment! It’s thick and smooth and would probably have been fine with just one coat, if I wasn’t so cackhanded. I’ve layered it with a single coat of 2true Glitterati Shade 5 (£1.99/Superdrug), and then H&M Matte Top Coat (£2.99/H&M), which is one of the more satin finish mattes, but I think it works.

Unfortunately, in the harsh light of day, I can see that I was a bit hasty with my glitter, and there are bubbles on a couple of my nails, but I think that was just the overexcitement at finally being able to a manicure again! I don’t mind though, as it’s still a really cute mani.

In other news, my last two birthday polishes arrived recently (thanks, Emma!), the gorgeous Teal Glitter, and Reclaim (mini) by Nubar. I have also recently solved my polish storage solution for the time being, which is great since keeping them all in oversize shoe boxes under my bed wasn’t really ideal. And I’m working on getting a proper camera/lightbox setup, so hopefully I’ll be able to start doing this whole thing right soon.


All outta angst

2nd attempt at posting this. The crappy internet at my mother’s place ate the first go! Grr.

shanghainights(1)Anyway, I’m still away from home and all my creature comforts, but I couldn’t wait to try out H&M Shanghai Nights (£2.99/exclusive to H&M), which is a gorgeous cool turquoise with a blue/violet shimmer. The violet is impossible to capture with my camera, but it’s definitely there, though very subtle, and much stronger in the bottle than on the nail sadly. Either way this is still a beautiful polish, 2 coats for full coverage and reasonable drying time. Looking forward to trying this one again with proper base and top coat, and longer nails!

PS. Never forget to check your local discount stores – today I picked up two Sally Hansen treatments (InstaGrip Fast Dry Base Coat and Continuous Treatment Strength) for £2 each in a B&M Store – they usually retail for £5-7 each!

A bit of what you fancy

I had a bit of a rough morning, so my mama took me out to a local mall, and let me raid H&M and Superdrug for some shiny things. I didn’t just buy polish… though mostly I did. My collection has grown so much over the last few weeks, it’s hard to keep up with what I’ve got. Might be time to start organising a little better!

L to R: H&M Shanghai Nights, Orange and Matte Top Coat, GOSH Ocean, 2true Glitterati Shade 5.

L to R: H&M Shanghai Nights, Orange and Matte Top Coat, GOSH Ocean, 2true Glitterati Shade 5.