It’s Twofer Tuesday!

No, this won’t be a running theme, I don’t think, but it’s been a hectic few days what with a seriously busy weekend and one of my aging moggies needing a visit to the vet for suspected lungworm. Anyway, things seem to have calmed down a bit now, so here’s what I’ve been doing with my nails. Apologies for the useless pics, my phonecam is not playing nice with me at the moment.

chunkyholoblackOn the left, we have Kleancolor’s Chunky Holo Black (around £5/eBay), over TurquoiseMaybelline Purple Trend (£2.60/eBay seller: Cosmetics-Fairy), neither of which excited me very much, but the coverage was solid for both (one coat each), so it’s just personal taste on the colour.

And on the right, inspired by the dichroic glass of my favourite pendant, Nicole by OPI’s Turquoise Texture (£7.99/Superdrug) over Maybelline MNY 665 (£1.99/eBay seller: xtrasdiscountstore). Now this is a look I love, two coats of a cool navy blue, with the gorgeous crackle of the Turquoise (which looks much bluer than it is unfortunately). Annoyingly, the tips started to wear really fast, though I haven’t exactly looked after my hands today. Too busy looking after a poorly cat to worry about my nails too much!

With any luck, life will stop kicking my arse for a bit soon, which will give me far more time to play dress up with my fingers.


In spite of all the rain

rainforestEverything is grey and horrible in the UK at the moment, punctuated by blazing sun and killer humidity. So doing my nails has been a bit more complicated than previously. I need to start keeping my stash in a cooler place, I think.

Anyway, I decided to go green today, so this is Rainforest Canopy by Maybelline Color Show Limited Edition Polka Dots (£2.99/Boots or Superdrug) layered over No7’s So Neat (£6/exclusive to Boots). It’s a lovely look, with 2 coats of So Neat and one of Rainforest Canopy, but I didn’t like how the glitter went on, and it started to chip and flake really quickly which was disappointing. I still have the pink version (called Speckled Pink) of the Polka Dots collection to try out, but I already used the blue (Shooting Stars) and I love love love it!


Summertime Blues

guavadots2No, your eyes don’t deceive you… I’m wearing bright polish! I’ve seen some gorgeous dotty manicures recently and resolved to give it a stab, and am pleased to report that it wasn’t half as tricky as it looked. I won’t bore you with my own interpretation of a tutorial, as Chalkboard Nails has done a great post about it already.

The colours I’ve used here are Guava by Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine (£3.99/Boots) for the base, then Lavender Lies by Maybelline Color Show (£2.99/Boots) and Blueberry by Barry M (£2.99/Boots) for the dots. Unfortunately, my lousy phonecam has washed out the green of the base colour, but in real life the contrast is much prettier. Perhaps it’s time for a new camera…

I’m still waiting on a delivery from Born Pretty, and a couple of things from eBay, but as those are all dark holos and black variants, it’s nice to go bright for something that ought to pass as a summers day. Also, keen observers will notice I have added a Wishlist page to the site. I’m not on the beg or anything, but if anyone in the US would be interested in being a nail mail buddy so I can get hold of some of the stuff I can’t easily get over here, please do get in touch!

Collector’s Bane

Here’s a thing that miffs me. Being in the UK, it can be hard enough to get hold of all the polishes I want without paying extortionate shipping for them, but even worse is discovering something you just have to own, and then finding out it’s been discontinued! My current obsession is Peacock Feathers by Nubar, a purple/green duochrome which is just to die for. My heart sank when I could only find one finished auction for it that ended at more than £60. I doubt I’ll ever see it in my lifetime, but I suppose it’s fun to dream!

673Of course sometimes, you can stumble over a beaut without even trying, and that’s where today’s gem comes from. This is Maybelline MNY ‘673’. It’s a dense black jelly with silver flakies suspended in it, and best of all, I found it in a Poundland where predictably it cost me just a pound! It’s a sweet little polish; two coats for full coverage and the flakes are subtle but gorgeous. It’s a bit lumpy in places, though nothing a coat of Seche Vite couldn’t fix. MNY is hard to find in UK stores, but this shade and others in the range are still quite easy to find on eBay for very reasonable prices.

(PS. Yes, that’s one of my geriatric furballs in the background of the pic. She was eating a dandelion at the time.)

Rainfall: Redux


As predicted in my last post, the flaky half of the Andrea Fulerton Rainfall Trio is rather lovely over black (used here is Maybelline “Onyx Black”, £4.09/Boots). The formula still bothers me, but it only required one coat for a lovely blue/green shift, and would also probably work nicely over a dark blue or purple. So, a win salvaged from a fail!

Holla for the freebies!

No new nails today. The black holo sadly had to come off late last night as I managed to drunkenly chip several nails and break my thumbnail right down to the skin. Woe is me! Anyway, as a result, I’m giving my poor battered nails a break today.

However, I bring good things nonetheless: The July issues are out and there are 2 UK magazines giving away free polishes! First up, Harper’s Bazaar are offering a free Leighton Denny polish and top coat from the Gelato collection. And secondly, Marie Claire are offering a Ciaté mini polish and caviar set. Both brands are worth picking up at such a discount, and even if you’re not a fan of women’s glossy mags, they can be really handy for picking up nail inspiration.

Also, while we’re on the topic of bargains, Boots are still offering Buy One Get The Second Half Price on all Maybelline cosmetics. Regular readers of my twitter feed will know I am a massive fan of the Maybelline Color Show range, and many stores still have the limited edition Polka Dots collection in stock, so run and grab them for mere pennies while supplies last!