Lucy in the sky with diamonds

I don’t normally go for blingy nails, but I do love studs, so here’s Barbara Daly Electric Spacedust (£3.99/Tesco), which is a sky blue shimmer, with square silver studs from Top Shop. The formula is very thin, comes out patchy, and always looks better in the bottle (in the bottle, it pretends to be a warm turquoise), but it was a surprisingly cute look.

With flash.

With flash.

Natural light.

Natural light.

And then, as often happens, I got a bit bored with what I had going on, so decided to draw on tips with a silver metallic Sharpie. Was surprisingly simple, and didn’t look half bad! I also have gold and bronze Sharpies, so I think I’m going to try a waterfall mani with them at some point. Anyway, here’s how it turned out.


I think they look kinda like little superhero costumes! I’m sure it would’ve looked much better if my nail tips weren’t such an utter shambles at the moment, but I’m almost at the stage of needing to cut them all back to nothing and let them recover for a bit, so I’m having my fun while I can.



Time to play!

smokeashesFirstly, let me apologise sincerely for the state of my cuticles in this pic. I spent most of yesterday arguing with a flat pack futon and my hands are now ragged and raw, but since I didn’t break a single nail in the process (win!), I figured it was manicure time.

Tonight is my podcast’s Rocky Horror Picture Show anniversary special, so I was going to go for something suitably themed, but I just couldn’t think of anything that I would be able to do with my stupid shaky hands, so I went with this instead. This is Smoke & Ashes from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection (around £4.60/eBay seller: salonsupplystore) a black base littered with tiny green and gold flakies, and Accessorize’s Ultra Marine Green (£3.45/Superdrug), a pale green with gold shimmer from the Oil Slick range on the feature nail. I’ve also decorated it with some round silver studs which were also an eBay grab, though I can’t remember how much I paid for them. I love this look, but now I have to find something to wear with it, argh!

Hope you’re all gearing up for an ace weekend, see you on the flipside.