More for my own records than anything else, here’s a list of discontinued, hard to find, expensive or foreign polishes I’d love to get my grubby mitts on.

HITS – Moonbow, Cutie Pie, Super Cute
Zoya – Opal, Cassedy, Maisie
Nubar – Peacock Feathers, Reclaim
A England – Saint George, Lady of Shalott, Briar Rose, Sleeping Palace, Dorian Grey
Butter London – Big Smoke, Jack The Lad, Thames
GOSH – Purple Heart
Maybelline Color Show (Sequins) – Cocktail Dress, Lavender Sparks
Nabi – Jumbo Purple Glitter
China Glaze – Wireless, Let’s Do It In 3-D, Agro, Emerald Fitzgerald, Unpredictable, Tongue & Chic, Don’t Make Me Wine, Charmed I’m Sure, Kiss My Glass, Fanatic
OPI – How You Blue-in’?, Number One Nemesis, peace & love & opi
KleanColor – Chunky Holo Bluebell, Chunky Holo Black, Metallics Collection (except Fuschia)
Dance Legend – TermoTrio No3, Optical Illusion
Color Club – Port-folio, First Looks
ILNP – Birefringence, Mutagen (both from Ultra Chromes collection)
Sinful Colors – Pearl Harbour
ORLY – Halley’s Comet
piCture pOlish – Badass, Believe, Festival, Hope, Peacock, Paradise, Pshiiit, Illusionist

(Items with a strikethrough have already been acquired. Yay!)


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